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2,000 Parking Spaces Reopen At San Diego Airport

San Diego airport officials celebrated Thursday’s reopening of a nearly 2,000-space parking lot on the north side of the San Diego International Airport.

The entrance on Pacific Highway at Sassafras Street was closed, and the lot was moved a short distance to make room for a rental car center.

For the next four weeks, airport officials said travelers can enter the lot from West Washington Street. After that, the main entrance will return to its original location.


The lot has 1,967 spaces, and parking is $11 per day. Passengers can then ride shuttles to and from airport terminals.

"I think all we can do to expand it or make it easier for people to get in and out of here is only going to make it easier for people who want to come," traveler Paul Fisher told CBS8 at the lot.

The new rental car center will be on North Harbor Drive and is set to opens in January 2016. Because rental agency buses will no longer have access to the road, planners expect traffic to be reduced substantially.

Development of the north side of San Diego International Airport includes a new shipping and receiving center, along with new general aviation facilities.