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California's Classic Car Owners Can Soon Complete That Vintage Look

Black-and-yellow California license plates will be soon be available for the owners of classic cars who again want the 1963-69 look, Assemblyman Mike Gatto announced Thursday.

Gatto, D-Los Angeles, introduced the bill creating the California Legacy License Plate Program, instructing the Department of Motor Vehicles to reissue plates from California's past if enough drivers applied for them.

The black-and-yellow plates were among the fastest specialty plates to reach the threshold of 7,500 applications to be issued, Gatto said.


"California motorists are excited about classic license plates," Gatto said.

"This is an easy way for the state to enable everyone from the backyard restorer, to the nostalgic, to the purchaser of a retro-styled automobile to add that extra bit of detail for those of us who appreciate the classic era of automobile design."

As part of the Legacy License Plate Program, yellow plates with black lettering and blue plates with yellow lettering are also available.

Applications can be found on the DMV website.

Corrected: December 6, 2022 at 9:26 AM PST
Tease photo by Flickr user Marcin Wichary.
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