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San Diego Flight Target Of Southwest Airlines Threat

A bomb threat made on Twitter that named a Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Dallas turned out to be bogus.

The threat was made from a Twitter account claiming to be part of ISIS and was directed at Flight 4200. The threat said: "@SouthwestAIR I have a massive semi-nuclear explosive on-board flight 4200 from San Diego to Dallas. If this fails, I will shoot the plane."

The plane arrived and landed safely without incident in Dallas, FBI Special Agent Darrell Foxworth said. He said the plane was checked and passengers were rescreened.


Foxworth said that while the threat was specific in nature, it was not credible.

"Nothing was mentioned on the plane at all," one passenger said upon landing.

Passenger Peter Schloegel of San Diego said: "The fact that we are here and all is well shows that those in control do have it under control."

The threat was one of about eight fake bomb threats targeting specific flights that came from the @ISISgangCP account, which was suspended Monday evening.

"It reminds me of the '70s and '80s when reservation centers used to get these kinds of calls in flurries and it was always one person," said aviation security expert Glen Winn. "When these things happen, they come in flurries and they are always the same statement."


There were several other Tweets directed at Southwest Airlines from other Twitter accounts. The airline responded to each with the following message: "The safety of our Customers and Employees is our top priority. Your info has been given to the appropriate authorities."

A similar incident happened over the weekend involving both Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Two specific flights were named in those Twitter threats — both arrived safely at their destinations.

Also on Sunday, two flights were evacuated in Seattle after threats.

Southwest Airlines issued the following statement regarding Monday's incident:

"Any threat or alleged threat against the safety of our Employees, Customers, or aircraft is a matter we take very seriously. We are working with the relevant authorities to ensure the Safety of this and every flight. It is our policy not to further comment on matters of security."