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FAA Rejects Lindbergh Flight Plan Change

A proposal to tighten the loop made over Point Loma by some aircraft departing Lindbergh Field, possibly increasing jet noise in the neighborhood, was rejected by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA rejected the plan in a decision published Friday, county Supervisor Greg Cox said on Friday.

The plan was staunchly opposed by Point Loma residents, who crowded several public meetings on the issue over the past year or so.

Most flights headed for destinations to the east of San Diego make a roughly 270-degree left turn after takeoff from Lindbergh Field. The FAA had suggested tightening that turn, which would have increased noise over Point Loma.

"This doesn't solve all the problems related to flight noise for residents but it's something the community and elected officials have been working together to achieve," said Cox, who also serves on the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

"We have been working with Congressman (Scott) Peters, Mayor (Kevin) Faulconer, Councilwoman (Lorie) Zapf and the community to get the FAA to be more responsive to the needs of the community and this decision is one of the objectives we've sought," he said.

The proposal was part of the FAA's SoCal Metroplex Project, which seeks to re-route some of the region's air traffic.

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