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Tracking Covid 19

San Diego County COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccines in San Diego County have begun to rollout. However, they are limited. The order in which people will get their vaccine has been prioritized, following state and federal guidelines.

County Run COVID-19 Vaccination Locations:

Petco Park Superstation (instructions)

Rady Children's Hospital (instructions)

El Cajon (instructions)

Escondido (instructions)

Chula Vista (instructions)

Imperial Beach (instructions)

Sharp Grossmont Hospital/Grossmont Healthcare District (instructions)

Sharp Coronado Hospital/City of Coronado (instructions)

Sharp Southbay Super Station (instructions)

Other Vaccination Locations:

In addition to the county-run sites, the following local healthcare providers are also administering vaccines:




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Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Stories

She Resisted Getting Her Kids The Usual Vaccines. Then The Pandemic Hit.

Jan. 22
Steve Mullis / NPR

Lydia, a mother of three in Canada, was opposed getting her kids vaccinated against childhood diseases. The pandemic led her out of that movement. Getting there was a years-long search for answers.

COVID-19 vaccines at the Vaccination Super Stat...

Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions Answered

Jan. 21
By Brooke Ruth, Tarryn Mento

Dr. Christian Ramers responds to your questions about vaccine storage, distribution and when certain groups will be eligible to get the vaccine.

Carl Solomon, Senior Director of Environmental ...

Seniors Struggle To Make Vaccination Appointments; County Works To Smooth Process

Jan. 21
By John Carroll

Ever since the County opened up COVID-19 vaccines to those 75 and older, KPBS has been hearing from seniors about the difficulty of getting an appointment online.

Adriana Moyal received her first dose of the CO...

COVID-19 Vaccination Superstation Opens in Chula Vista, Second In County

Jan. 21
By Jacob Aere

The Chula Vista COVID-19 vaccination superstation joins one at Petco Park. Each is expected to be able to administer 5,000 vaccines a day, seven days a week.

Registered nurse Celene Salazar, left, closes h...

Nonprofit Training Up Its Volunteers To Vaccinate In Long-Term Care Facilities

Jan. 21
By Tarryn Mento

Educating vaccinators on the particulars of handling the current emergency approved products is one key step to expanding rollout, especially to vulnerable San Diegans.

Trader Joe's, Dollar General And Others Are Paying Workers To Get Vaccines

Jan. 21
Claire Miller / NPR

Grocers from Aldi to Trader Joe's are pitching financial incentives to their employees to encourage them to get vaccinated.

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine sits next to a syr...

California: OK To Use Moderna Vaccine After Illness Reports

Jan. 20
Don Thompson / Associated Press

Doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been arriving haphazardly as they make their way from the federal government to counties, cities and hospitals.

Jeff He takes a photo of himself and his father...

'Free Again': Former Scientists, 90 And 88 Years Old, Relieved To Finally Get Vaccine

Jan. 20
By Tarryn Mento

Older San Diegans are celebrating their opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccination from county sites.

People wait in line at a temporary COVID-19 vac...

Vaccine Chaos: Californians Scramble For Shots Amid Mixed Messaging

Jan. 20
Barbara Feder Ostrov, Ana B. Ibarra / CalMatters

Gov. Gavin Newsom said the feds failed to deliver promised vaccine supplies, but he expects Californians with their first shots to be able to secure their second.

Diego Varras, an employee of Kaiser Permanente ...

California Sees Hopeful Signs As Counties Fight For Vaccines

Jan. 19
By Associated Press

Vaccine scarcity is continuing to plague California even as other indicators seem to show a slowing in the holiday-driven surge that led the state to be the first to top 3 million known coronavirus infections

'You Can't Treat If You Can't Empathize': Black Doctors Tackle Vaccine Hesitancy

Jan. 19
Pien Huang / NPR

Black vaccine hesitancy goes back to history of distrust of medicine, say doctors and researchers. To help, it's important to empower people with knowledge to make their own choices.

COVID-19 vaccines at the Vaccination Super Stat...

San Diego County Expands Vaccine Eligibility To People 75 And Older

Jan. 18
By City News Service, Tarryn Mento

San Diego County public health officials announced Monday that due to a slowing of appointments at COVID-19 vaccination sites, they have expanded the category of those eligible to receive a vaccine to those ages 75 and older.

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine sits next to a syr...

California Urges Stop To 300K Vaccines After Some Fall Ill In San Diego

Jan. 18
By Associated Press

With the supply of COVID-19 vaccines already a concern as inoculation efforts intensify, the state is warning providers Monday to stop administering a particular batch of the Moderna vaccine due to an unusually high number of people who experienced allergic reactions to the shot at a San Diego clinic.

3 Questions And The Emerging Answers About COVID-19 Vaccine Protection

Jan. 18
Richard Harris / NPR

First, can someone who has been vaccinated still spread the disease? Second, will the vaccine remain effective as the virus itself evolves? And third, how long will the vaccine's protection last?

A new COVID-19 vaccination site is up and runni...

New COVID-19 Vaccination Site In Imperial Beach Not Accepting Seniors Yet

Jan. 15
By Matt Hoffman

A new COVID-19 vaccination site is up and running in the South Bay at the Imperial Beach Civic Center.

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