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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: 'Marking Time,' 'Paths Converge,' A Pop-Up Concert, A New Nite Market And 'Raymonda'

 May 14, 2021 at 10:09 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend, there's a new exhibition at the Athenaeum of art created just during the pandemic, a virtual ballet, two musical ensembles. Finally getting the chance to perform before a live audience. Plus there is even a night market vendor fair for creatives, Johnny Mia's, KPBS arts producer, Julia Dixon Evans, with all the details and welcome to Speaker 2: 00:23 Hi Maureen. Thanks for having me. Let's start Speaker 1: 00:26 What the ballet city ballet has a new staged and filmed production streaming. Right now, tell us what we can expect. Speaker 2: 00:33 So there's lots of in-person art options this weekend. So if you're not quite ready, city ballet is here for you and this production Raymonda, it's an hour long video of three main ballet pieces. One of which is the title piece Raymonda and it's choreographed by the company's own Elizabeth Westridge after Maria's Petipa's original 1898 choreography. So it's the lively, classical ballet, but truncated for this, and then comes seasons with the music of Vivaldi's four seasons choreographed by Jeffrey Gonzalez. This one I loved, they use contemporary costuming and a striking black backdrop. So it really feels as timeless as ever Seasons. And to close things out is a work they premiered in 2003 called still world turning again, but it's performed by the current cast and production wise. There's a really nice mix of a traditional stage view. And then some up-close camera angles. You can see the dancers faces, or my favorite is when the camera's behind the dancer spanning out towards the empty hall. I think I'm going to have a hard time going back to my nosebleed seats after this year Speaker 1: 02:05 Is city ballet's Raymonda streams on demand through May 23rd in the visual arts, the LA Jolla Athenaeum is opening a new show of contemporary artists and the work they've made during the pandemic. Tell us Julia more about marking time. Speaker 2: 02:22 Yeah, so they brought in 49 artists, all people who have previously had a solo show in the museum, or if they've contributed cover art for prior concert programs. So we're talking about a pretty exceptional list of talented living artists. And the only theme is that these works were made during the quarantine. Some standouts for me is a mock diploma made by Jean lo Alison [inaudible] neon sculpture that just says weather saves the day in bright, glowing yellow, and then artists believes era stays ceramic hot water bottle. It's kind of a reflection on and on non-healthcare and the exhibitions open by appointment beginning Saturday. But if you're already a member of the Athenaeum, you can just drop in during the gallery hours, which are Tuesday through Saturday during the day. And I think more than just getting an excellent group show of some great contemporary art and getting a chance to see what artists have been making recently. This is also a chance for us to literally Mark the time. It really feels like a time capsule of this weird Speaker 1: 03:26 We're marking time. What Athenaeum artists create in quarantine is on view Saturday through July 9th at the Anthony, a music and arts library in LA Jolla, the Houseman quartet will be performing onboard the Berkeley ship at the maritime museum before an audience. This is something they haven't done in over a year. Tell us about it. Speaker 2: 03:48 Yeah, they used to do these heightened voyages concerts regularly. And while they've done a few live stream shows from the boat, it's definitely gotta be nice to have the audience with them out on the water this Sunday. And this weekend they're packing five works for strings into a 90 minute set. Two of the pieces will be by Haydn, and then there's a set of three contemporary composers. They're all seemingly divergent kind of wildly different styles, but the Houseman quartet really thrives on finding ways to bring all of those different works together. So there's a 1932 work by Mexican modernist Sylvester with Walter's Kerwin. Young's 2020 piece called peace on the left justice on the right, which was written in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. And then this work aleksandrov rebel. [inaudible] my desert, my Rose from 2015 Speaker 3: 04:51 [inaudible] Speaker 1: 04:52 And quartet presents an outdoor performance of paths converge at the maritime museum Sunday at 3:00 PM. And another music ensemble is performing before an audience for the first time in a while to tell us about project blanks, outdoor pop-up. Speaker 2: 05:10 Yeah. So this choral ensemble group, they're setting up at Kate sessions park this Sunday afternoon with four performers from the last virtual season, including violinists Bhatia macadam summer, who was part of contraltos their recent production baritone, Jonathan Nessman, who was part of their own mensch performance. And then the founders, Leslie and lay fem and pianist, Brendan Winn, who I'm told will be performing a few previews from the program they're going to present at the end of this month, which is called [inaudible]. And there is no tickets or anything you just show up, bring a blanket and a picnic and find a socially distant spot and enjoy the show. Speaker 1: 05:51 Project blanks pop-up concert is Sunday at four at Kate sessions park. And finally, good faith gallery is hosting an evening. Vendor fair. What's that going to be like? Yeah, Speaker 2: 06:03 There should be a really low key, but creative event. It's all outdoors outside their gallery space in Sherman Heights, they'll have DJ sets and at least 20 booths from local artists and arts groups and small presses like terrace gallery and burn all books plus food and treats as well. Good faith gallery is a black owned art space and it's a relatively new gallery to keep on your radar. They're hoping to start doing these night markets every other month. So the next one will be in July. Speaker 1: 06:32 Good faith galleries night market takes place Saturday from six to 10 for details on these and more arts events or to sign up for Julia's weekly KPBS arts newsletter go to I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer, Julia Dixon, Evans, and Julia. Thank you very much. Speaker 2: 06:53 Thank you, Maureen. Have a great weekend.

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This weekend, there's a new exhibition at the Athenaeum of art created just during the pandemic, a virtual ballet, two musical ensembles finally getting the chance to perform before a live audience Plus, there's even a Nite Market vendor fair for creatives.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments