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Port of Entry

Port of Entry host Alan LilienthalThese are cross-border stories that connect us. Border people often inhabit this in-between place. From KPBS and PRX, “Port of Entry” tells personal stories from this place — stories of love, hope, struggle and survival from border crossers, fronterizxs and other people whose lives are shaped by the wall. Rooted in San Diego with tendrils reaching into Tijuana. Hosted by Alan Lilienthal, produced by Kinsee Morlan and sound design by Emily Jankowski.

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Bonus: Fido Goes South

In this bonus episode, meet a woman who takes people’s pets from San Diego to Tijuana for more affordable veterinary care. It’s a story about the great lengths we’ll go to for our furry friends.

Clarification: We made some changes to this episode and added more details and context about some of the reasons why vet care is so ... Read more →

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Bonus: ‘Like Someone Turned Off A Faucet’

In a new “Port of Entry” bonus episode: One Baja chef’s pandemic story and the camera crew who followed it.

Valle de Guadalupe has exploded over the last decade. It’s become a hugely popular wine and food destination for people from around the world. But when the pandemic hit, the flood of tourism to the culinary region just completely ... Read more →

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50 Years Of Friendship Park

On August 18, 1971, First Lady Pat Nixon stood at the place at the southwestern most point of the U.S.-Mexico border and celebrated what was envisioned as "International Friendship Park.” That day, Nixon said, “I hope there won't be a fence too long here.”

Flash forward 50 years, and the small barbed-wire fence that once demarcated the border has ... Read more →

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Tour Guide: Shinpei Takeda

In this “Tour Guide” bonus episode, borderless artist Shinpei Takeda takes us on a tour of his exhibition, “Fantasia Moral” (“Moral Fantasy”), which is showing at the art museum in Tijuana, CECUT, through Aug. 8.

“Port of Entry” is currently working on our next season, which will be released this fall. Until then, we hope you enjoy a few ... Read more →

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Special Report: ‘Here We Are’

Increasing numbers of asylum seekers are being allowed to enter the United States. But with the asylum system still severely curtailed, thousands remain stuck in dangerous conditions in Tijuana.

KPBS reporter Max Rivlin-Nadler has been following the story for months. His reporting is featured in a new special report for the “KPBS Investigates” and “Port of Entry” podcasts.

... Read more →

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Moved By Music: Phil Beaumont Of The Color Forty Nine

Phil Beaumont, lead vocalist of the San Diego band, The Color Forty Nine, has been belting out tunes since he was a kid living in England back in the ’70s. After he landed in Southern California for high school and college, he eventually made his way south to Tijuana to see show after show at the legendary music venue Iguanas. ... Read more →

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I Left My Stomach In Tijuana

We continue our series on medical tourism at the border with a story about a plus-size model who’s proud of her big body, but has health issues that lead her to undergo weight-loss surgery in Tijuana, where it's more affordable.

It’s a story about beauty and health and how a young woman is carving out her own corner of ... Read more →

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Making Babies At The Border

A California couple tries one more time to have a baby by crossing the border and getting fertility treatment in Tijuana. It’s a story about the lengths you’ll go through when the future you envisioned is suddenly out of reach.

Follow “Port of Entry” online at, or on Facebook ( or Instagram (

Support our work at ... Read more →

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'Mecca Of Reasonably Priced Medicine'

We’re continuing our series on medical tourism at the border with a story about two women and their journeys to find more affordable insulin in Tijuana.

It’s really a story about the fine line between life and death; the balancing act people with diabetes have to navigate every single day; and how crossing the line between the U.S. and ... Read more →

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Not Always About The Money

From KPBS and PRX, “Port of Entry” is launching a new series on medical tourism at the border today.

Up first: We follow a San Diego woman as she crosses the border for alternative cancer treatments in Tijuana.

This isn’t an investigation into the efficacy of alternative cancer treatments. Instead, it’s a story about one woman’s cross-border experience ... Read more →

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