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Investigating the former president

 August 19, 2022 at 5:00 AM PDT

Good Morning, I’m Debbie Cruz….it’s Friday, August 19th.

Investigating Donald Trump More on that next. But first... let’s do the headlines….


Many people have pressed the pause button on house hunting because of rising interest rates and an anticipated downturn in the economy..

That’s according to reporting by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

San Diego County’s median home price dropped for a second month in July.

It’s now at 800-thousand dollars.

But, the median price for a home is still up nearly 10-percent compared to a year ago.

Homes are also staying on the market longer than they were this time last year.

San Diego County had 18-percent less home sales in July, as compared to June.


San Diego County is expected to get its next shipment of monkeypox vaccines early next week.

That's according to Dr. William Tseng, who oversees vaccines for Kaiser Permanente San Diego.

The Biden Administration is trying to stretch out its limited supply by allowing the vaccines to be injected “intra-dermally” - between layers of skin.

Tseng says giving the vaccine using that method increases the amount of doses five-fold.


A small plane crashed on a city street in El Cajon yesterday morning.

The pilot who was the only person in the plane survived the crash, but was injured.

No other injuries were reported.

When the plane hit the street, it grazed an S-U-V.

The car was left with minimal damage.


From KPBS, you’re listening to San Diego News Now. Stay with me for more of the local news you need.


In recent years, U-S Representative Adam Schiff has attained national prominence for his work in Congress investigating allegations against Donald Trump… while Trump was president and after.

Schiff’s book 'Midnight in Washington' tells the behind the scenes story of Trump's first impeachment trial and how the submission by many Republican lawmakers to the former President has changed Congress and politics in America.

Schiff, who is a Democrat, was the lead manager in the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump and is a member of the House Select Committee conducting the January 6 investigation.

He’ll be discussing his book tomorrow afternoon at the Festival of Books.

He spoke with KPBS's Maureen Cavanaugh.

Here’s their conversation.

Liz Cheney the vice-chair of the January 6-th committee was soundly defeated in the Wyoming Republican primary this week. She was defeated by a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump. Is that any indication to you of the impact, or lack of impact, the hearings are having?

How would you describe the parallel investigations into January 6-th that your committee is conducting and the one being conducted by the Department of Justice? What, if any, connection is there between the two?

Your book Midnight in Washington describes the first impeachment hearing and Senate trial of Donald Trump. You also talk about the change you’ve seen in Republican colleagues as they become loyal supporters of Donald Trump. In your opinion, is the near universal support of Trump among Congressional Republicans real or political theater?

That was Congressman Adam Schiff, speaking with KPBS Midday Edition host Maureen Cavanaugh. Congressman Schiff will be discussing his book Midnight In Washington at the San Diego Union Tribune Festival of Books tomorrow afternoon.


Mexico is promising to invest a significant amount of money in the effort to reduce the flow of sewage crossing the international border.

KPBS Environment reporter Erik Anderson has details.

Mexican and U.S. officials gathered on the edge of the Tijuana River Estuary to sign an unprecedented agreement to fix the region’s cross border pollution problem.  Mexican officials are committing, in writing, to spend more than 140 million dollars to fix or build Tijuana’s sewage infrastructure. Scott Peters, Rep. (D) “We owe Mexico a lot of credit for stepping up in this really significant way to deal with the problems on its side of the border. And to share this responsibility with us because we are one region.  And that’s a very fundamental thing.” The treaty minute and a memorandum of understanding identifies all of the projects that will be funded both in Mexico including fixing Tijuana’s sewage pipes, and repairing the broken sewage treatment plant south of the Mexican city.  Erik Anderson KPBS News




The FDA says the rapid test will detect most infections but if you keep coming up negative and suspect an infection, they recommend calling your doctor or consider getting a lab or PCR test that is considered the gold standard  Dr. Peter Chin-Hong an infectious diseases expert and a professor at U-C San Francisco says now that home tests are common, it’s important that those who use them know their limitations  because you may be out and about because you may be out and about potentially transmitting it to others if you’re only doing one test, it’s negative and you had a real exposure or you have symptoms, don’t just stop with that one negative home test either do a PCR or repeat the test one or two times over the next two days  He says your test results can have serious health implications for those around you  Kitty Alvarado KPBS News


Coming up.... An e-bike accident in Carlsbad ends tragically. We’ll have that story and more, next, just after the break.


The Carlsbad community is mourning the loss of a mother who died after being hit by a car as she was riding her e-bike with her toddler.

KPBS North County reporter Tania Thorne says the family, advocates and officials are calling for more safety measures on our roads and education on bike safety.

The family of the Carlsbad mom killed while riding her e-bike, advocated for safer streets at Tuesday’s city council meeting. “Never in a million years did I think three weeks later my wife would be hit by a 42 year old female who lived in the neighborhood traveling approx 40 miles an hour and blew a stop sign. Thank God my daughter didn't die.” That was Bob Embree, the husband of the victim. He had stood before city council just a couple weeks back and asked for ways to slow traffic down in his Carlsbad neighborhood. The San Diego County bicycle coalition says City governments need to invest in road safety interventions to prevent more accidents from happening. More is being done to educate riders on safety. This week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill for a statewide E-bike safety and education training program that will be developed by the California Highway patrol.


A series of classic children’s books is now finding new life on stage *AND* in the wilderness of East County.

The ‘adventures of Frog and Toad’ taught many children how to read.

KPBS Education reporter M.G. Perez tells us how the beloved characters are continuing their legacy of learning.

“this is frog and toad and they are very best friends.” …Best friends…living in a story book world…“Frog and Toad live in two different houses and they always like to do kind things for each other.” A narrator reads to a captive audience at the San Diego Children’s Museum in Escondido. Frog and Toad are the main characters in a classic series of children’s books by Arnold Lobel. Their adventures were first written in the 1970’s and have lived on in our imaginations  for decades.  “Toad pushed and pulled on the rake…he raked the leaves in a pile until there was not a single leaf in Frog’s front yard.” This is more than just a read-aloud event at the Children’s Museum. Young actors from Escondido’s Patio Playhouse Community Theatre have joined the narrator to bring the beloved characters and their animal friends from the page to the stage. “eating cookies…eating cookies…cookies we adore.” A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD became a Broadway musical almost 20 years ago. “I get to relive all my childhood memories of eating cookies and laugh at them raking leaves and the leaves all getting blown away.” Christopher Moore is a college music major performing the role of Toad. “I hope it gets a lot more kids into theater. So we can share this amazing experience with them” Frog and Toad have endured because their stories are both entertaining and educational .. the series is used in many classrooms to help students meet social emotional goals…especially now…in the aftermath of COVID and its continuing consequences. Brenda Townsend is producer of the musical and a parent. “Frog and Toad teach us the importance of friendship in our lives. What are we without our friends? …it’s a lonely world out there and they remind us how important friendship is.” “I wonder if we are brave. Frog and Toad looked into a mirror. We look brave said Frog.” Chapters of the series are also being read in the wilderness of East County. Simon Breen is Education Director for Earth Discovery Institute….a nonprofit focused on educating children from marginalized communities about nature, science, and conservation. They’ve just started a storybook hike in the 28-hundred acre Crestridge Ecological Reserve …nestled between the outskirts of El Cajon and Alpine. “This story DRAGONS AND GIANTS is about Frog and Toad getting into nature and overcoming their fears and challenges they encounter with snakes, avalanches and all kinds of misadventures.” Children and their families hike from one station to another…reading…and reacting along their journey. Breen says this provides lessons in ecological competency. “a lot of the kids that we bring out here on field trips to Crestridge …it’s their first time ever to this kind of nature…maybe they’ve been to a city park…but nothing like this. They have preconceived misconceptions that there are snakes and they’re terrified of them and other dangers. It’s just a nice reminder that you can overcome these fears and co-exist with these animals that are so valuable to us and we need.” The reserve is open to families and other hikers from sunrise to sunset…and the stories of Frog and Toad will be posted through the end of December. Beyond their other attributes, the tales are reminders  of the reality of climate change. Sarah Maisoneuve is Executive Director of Earth Discovery Institute. “it’s really essential that the public understand what those threats are and the importance of nature and join us in protecting it.” So the singing best friends continue to teach life lessons and bring the community together through books and on Broadway or in a community theater.…Jamie Lynn Palmer brought her 3 year old daughter Lilah to the Discovery Museum musical preview performance. “(who’s your favorite character?) Toad! (why) because he’s so cute! (they’re so cute?) Yeah cuz their babies!” MGP KPBS News

In other education related news…

Nearly 30 high school students from City Heights just returned from a scientific adventure in Baja California.

KPBS reporter Jacob Aere says the field trip looks to provide hands-on research and break the generational poverty cycle through science.

A group of 29 Hoover High School students recently returned from Bahía de Los Ángeles in Baja California after working alongside scientists and professors. Students took daily excursions such as tracking the local bird population, researching sea turtles and fish, and even swimming with whale sharks, according to sophomore Yairo Chique. “The simple fact of you being underwater, seeing a whole, huge animal and the experts just going under there, taking pictures of it and analyzing it like it's nothing is just really crazy.” The Ocean Discovery Institute has been providing free, hands-on research through similar trips since 2004 for students in City Heights. The organization works with over 6,000 youth a year at schools, camps and through their leadership program. Jacob Aere, KPBS News.


And before you go…

We have a few weekend arts events to share with you, compliments of KPBS arts producer Julia Dixon Evans.

‘T-W-A,’ or “Time for Women Artists” is a group of 12 women artists who’ve worked and exhibited art together for nearly a decade.

They’re latest show opens today and is called “Turning Tides.”

Each artist will showcase their vision of what the theme means to them.

The exhibit will be open through September third at the B-Free Studio in La Jolla.

Gallery hours are 11 to five p-m.

And If you’d like to get out and hear some good music this weekend, a group of local artists will be performing at the Casbah.

The line-up includes local singer-songwriter Francis Blume.

He’s known for his nostalgic sounds.

You’re listening to Blume’s song ‘Mary Jane and Suzie Lee’ from his album ‘Lado de Loma.’

Other local artists performing include Lauren Leigh, who won the 20-22 San Diego Music Award for Best Pop Song for her song "Trust Fall."

The concert is Sunday at 8-30 p-m.

You can find more details about the arts events mentioned, and more, at kpbs-dot-org-slash-arts.


That’s it for the podcast today. This podcast is produced by KPBS Senior Producer Brooke Ruth and Producer Emilyn Mohebbi. As always you can find more San Diego news online at KPBS dot org. I’m Debbie Cruz. Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

Congressman Adam Schiff talks about his book on the Donald Trump impeachment trial and how congress and politics in America has changed in recent years. In other news, more on the accuracy of at-home COVID tests. Plus, a series of classic children’s books is now finding new life on stage and in the wilderness of East County.