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Summer Music Series: Bill Caballero

 August 21, 2021 at 3:00 AM PDT

Good Morning, I’m Annica Colbert….it’s Saturday, August 21st. >>>> Bill Caballero on the KPBS Summer Music Series That’s next, but first... let’s do some quick headlines…. ###### The Department of Homeland Security announced on (friday) the border will remain closed to all so-called “non-essential” travel for at least another month. In a tweet, the department said the extended restrictions are meant to minimize the spread of covid-19. but imperial beach mayor serge dedina says that reasoning is absurd… “i think it’d be reasonable to say, if you want to cross into the border, you have to be vaccinated like other countries do. so, let’s do that.” Dedina says he worries the extended restrictions will become permanent, causing lasting and permanent economic damage to people and businesses on both sides of the border. ###### Construction has started for San Diego's largest infrastructure project ever. The Pure Water Project will dramatically reduce the need for imported water. Currently up to 90 percent of our water is imported from the colorado river and northern california. With sweeping drought conditions and water shortages across the state, Mayor Todd Gloria says this project will sustain the city’s water needs for decades to come. “we know now that pure water will provide nearly half of san diego’s drinking water by the year 2035.” It’ll use purification technology to clean recycled water to produce high-quality drinking water for the city. ##### Another beach closure was issued on friday for the ocean shoreline at Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge and Border Field State Park due to sewage pollution. The closure includes all beaches from the border to the south end of seacoast drive in imperial beach. The closure will remain in place until water samples improve to state health standards. ######### From KPBS, you’re listening to San Diego News Now. Stay with me for... some San Diego music. What would a KPBS Summer music series be...without Latin Jazz? In this installment we welcome a musician who’s been making Barrio Logan move to the music for over 17-years. Trumpet player Bill Caballero hosts his Latin Jazz Jam every week, and people from all over San Diego come to enjoy live music in Barrio Logan. Every performance is unique, with an endless roster of musicians both seasoned and beginners alike…performing together on the same stage. And it’s with this welcoming approach that Bill Caballero created a space for the community that is built to last, – a place for people of all ages to gather in Barrio Logan and experience the joy of music. Bill Caballero joined KPBS Midday Edition Host Maureen Kavanaugh, but let’s begin with his performance of La Bruja… That was Trumpet player Bill Caballero speaking with KPBS Midday Maureen Kavanaugh. Caballero will be making live music each week at his Latin Jazz jam in Barrio Logan. This segment was produced by KPBS’ Summer Music Series Producer Kurt Kohen. To hear more about Bill Caballero and see his music videos, go to KPBS dot org slash Summer Music Series. Thanks for joining us, and have a wonderful weekend.

The KPBS summer music series continues on San Diego News Now with this bonus episode featuring: latin jazz musician Bill Caballero