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Good Reads Include Reading Rainbow, David Simon, and San Diego’s Own Seminal Projects

Good Tuesday all! The heat wave is scheduled to break in the next day or two, so while you're still confined to air conditioning, take a gander at these stories from around the web.

Since this is Culture Lust, I had to point you toward this article looking at what inspires more creativity, love or lust.

Film Club of the Air's Scott Marks has a funny interview with the San Diego Film Commissioner, Cathy Anderson.

U-T art critic Robert Pincus reviews the latest group show at Seminal Projects. It features 20 artists and it's titled "Social Climbing, Part I: On the Move."

The ever-opinionated David Simon (creator of "The Wire" and a force of brilliance and good in the world of storytelling) tells the BBC that it's advertising that is killing quality television.

If you're interested in starting your manga education, Bookforum has a primer and a list of manga books to get you started.

Who are the greatest photographers of the 20th century? An economist tries to measure greatness and comes up with a list that splits between realists and conceptual photographers, or Edward Weston and Cindy Sherman.

Lots of people have expressed their sadness at the death of the children's program "Reading Rainbow," including the Wall Street Journal, Chronicle Books, and NPR.

The Sussex police are reviewing the case of Rolling Stones' guitarist Brian Jones who was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool 40 years ago. The case was originally ruled a death by drowning while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The police were inspired to review the case by a journalist who suspects murder based on his own investigation

"Top Chef" Tom Colicchio writes about same-sex marriage on his blog.

Interesting conversation going on here about the role of the theater critic, especially in tough economic times. Should they champion the art to help save theaters during a recession, even if they think it's bad art?

Paste Magazine has a list of the 25 indie films to catch this fall. List includes Mike Judge's "Extract" and Bobcat Goldthwait's (yes, the comedian) directorial debut starring Robin Williams, titled "World's Greatest Dad."

And, finally, I'd LOVE to see this stage play of all male thespians doing Meryl Streep's famous film monologues. All those accents!

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