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Cancer Series: Innovations In Treatments

Above: An artist's rendering of the Scripps Proton Therapy Center.

Aired 11/30/11 on KPBS Midday Edition.


Dr. William Stanton medical director of Scripps Cancer Center at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego.

Peggy Pico, KPBS Science and Technology reporter


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Part 1: A personal story and San Diego research making a difference

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Part 3: Emotional Help and a new "normal"

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Cyclotron Animation


Cancer Series: A Personal Story

Cancer Series: A personal story and San Diego research making a difference.


Cancer Series: Evening Edition

Cancer Series: Evening Edition November 14, 2011

How much or little has really change in cancer treatments and survival rates over the last few decades? We hear from an oncologist about the range of treatments from robotic surgery to experimental therapies and chemotherapy. KPBS Science and Technology reporter will join us to talk about the hard choices patients need to make in choosing their treatment.

Several months ago Pico was diagnosed and has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Pico will not only share her professional expertise but allow us to experience her personal cancer journey.

Check back for dates and times for KPBS ongoing series on Cancer.

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Avatar for user 'Patty Lane'

Patty Lane | January 10, 2012 at 1:34 p.m. ― 5 years, 1 month ago

On 12/5/11 7:29 PM,
Via email from Joyce:

heard you again today, really enjoying the series. I forgot to tell you
last email that i was really glad to see you embracing your baldness. I
never wore a wig but did wear hats and scarves or just went bald at
times. until it got cold and then i started wearing knit beanie hats to
keep my head warm.

having been through it i relate to so much of what you have said. So i am
sure you are helping others get through it now.


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