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Dogs With PTSD Get Help From Military Veterinarian (Video)


Dogs with PTSD

Ever since canine post-traumatic stress disorder became an accepted diagnosis for some military working dogs, veterinarians have been trying to figure out how to treat it.

Military veterinarian Maj. Andrew McGraw uses a combination of anti-anxiety medication and desensitization therapy - similar treatment to what humans with PTSD receive.

Army dog handler Sgt. Jon Silvey, based at Fort Carson in Colorado, brought his MWD Turbo to McGraw for help. Denver television station KMGH-TV put together a video feature on Turbo's recovery. You'll find that posted up top.

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Avatar for user 'DIZZY'

DIZZY | May 12, 2013 at 10:07 a.m. ― 3 years, 10 months ago

I cant believe you ran this ridiculous article. PTSD is basically just shock from reality.
What we need to have is a Disclaimer when someone joins the Military notifying applicants that they might see things or do things which include killing human beings by barbaric means and seeing atrocities which are a normal part of war. If you cannot deal with these things DO NOT JOIN. Your signature on this contract means that you will Not apply for any disability benefits relating to PTSD. If the person does not sign it then show them the door. Disability claims in the Military have always been an ingrained taught systematic avenue for assuring additional income in tandem with Double dipping or an enhancement to their regular 20 year retirement.
This ability to accumulate numerous training injuries like a twisted ankle, lower back pain, broken toe , etc accumulate and get points for each minor injury until it reaches 80,90 and 100% .The goal is 100 % for the maximun benefit.
This account of the system is NOT directed to injuries on the field of battle but focus on inside the Continental United states while assigned to local military bases even in desk jobs.

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