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Quinn Owen

Newsroom Assistant

Photo of Quinn Owen

As a newsroom assistant, Quinn Owen offers administrative and production support to the larger team. He currently attends San Diego State University and is studying journalism at the school of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. He eventually hopes to work as a reporter or producer for a news organization.

Quinn is originally from Huntington Beach and is an alumnus of Edison High School. He is currently a competitor on the San Diego State Speech and Debate Team as well as a member of the College Democrats organization.

In his free time, Quinn enjoys surfing, biking, playing basketball, and volunteering for political campaigns.

Recent Stories

Court Rules Against San Diego County Climate Action Plan

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San Diego County will need to revise its Climate Action Plan after an appellate court ruled in favor of the Sierra Club, stating the plan "does not ensure reductions" of greenhouse gas emissions. We look at what's next.

Why Are Minority Men Struggling To Finish Community College?

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Very few male students of color graduate with a certificate or degree. A new collaborative policy brief aims to address that problem on a national level.

Riding The Nuclear Wave: San Diego Journalist Profiles Fukushima Surfers

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While the issue of widespread nuclear radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant continues, Japanese surfers have returned to the water.

Border Patrol Seizes Nearly $1M Of Hard Narcotics In San Diego County

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Border patrol agents arrest four men and seize nearly $1 million worth of heroin, meth and cocaine last week.

Online Scavenger Hunt Leads To Hidden Cash At Mission Bay

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An anonymous San Diegan who goes by "SD Cash Stash" on social media sites is filling envelopes with money and doling out clues online to find them.

Border Patrol Seizes Nearly $500,000 Worth Of Narcotics In San Diego

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The U.S. Border Patrol intercepted two shipments of hard narcotics this week in San Diego.

U.S. Border Patrol Finds Smuggled Man In Van At Checkpoint

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U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered a man wedged between the floor boards and exhaust system of a 2002 Chevrolet van.

Border Patrol Discovers $1.4M Of Narcotics In Hollow Metal Door

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A pickup stopped by agents at the San Clemente Border Patrol checkpoint yielded the cache of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Border Patrol Seizes Drug-Laced Lollipops At San Clemente Checkpoint

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U.S. Border Patrol agents seized approximately 23 pounds of drugs with a value of $160,000 at the San Clemente checkpoint Wednesday.

Border Patrol Agents Intercept $630,000 Of Narcotics In Temecula

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In two separate incidents Monday, US Border Patrol agents seized more than 46 pounds of narcotics and arrested three U.S. citizens.

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