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Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

8th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition

Swimming with sharks at the SD UnderSea Film Exhibition (Eric Hanauer)

As further proof that this time of the year is overrun by film festivals, I just discovered that the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition is celebrating its 8th year. I can't believe there's a festival that I have failed to notice for 7 previous years. To make some amends, I am happy to highlight SDUEX this year (Friday and Saturday evenings, October 12th and 13th at Qualcomm Hall ).

The festival is two evenings of short films that highlight not only the beauty of life under the sea but also the exquisite clarity of high definition video. The films will screen at Qualcomm's new big screen auditorium in Sorrento Valley that uses a state of the art digital projection system. This may be as close to being underwater as you can get and still remain dry.