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Health Concerns Still Exist Following Last Week's Wildfires

Now that last week's wildfires are almost fully contained, should we still be concerned about the air quality in San Diego? Should local residents who suffer from chronic respiratory problems continue

Health Concerns Still Exist Following Last Week's Wildfires

(Photo: Old Highway 395, Nicole Lozare/KPBS )

Tom Fudge: If you've lived in San Diego for more than four years, you've been through two fires that have made the record books for scorching hundreds of thousands of acres. In 2003, it was the Cedar and Paradise Fires. Last week, of course, it was the Harris and Witch Fires, along with several other smaller ones.


No matter where you were, you probably saw people wearing breathing masks. Not everyone did. And most doctors will tell you that wearing a hood over your mouth won't necessarily protect your lungs from the air-borne soot. But respiratory problems are a legitimate concern when our region is soaked with smoke.