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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

The Grammy Awards: It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

Amy Winehouse The Best and the Worst, in no particular order:

Best:  Morris Day and The Time performed a little Jungle Love .  Jerome even brought out the mirror for Morris to check his hair, recreating the sheer poetry of their Purple Rain performance.  I was giddy! 

Worst:  Their performance was hijacked by Rihanna singing about umbrellas.


Best:  Tina Turner, at 68, sounded fantastic.

Worst:  She performed with Beyonce, everyone's favorite fembot.

Best:  Both Prince and Stevie Wonder were there.

Worst:  They were both tasked with introducing Alicia Keys (she doesn't do it for me, people) and nothing else.

Best:  Some country star named Brad Paisley perfomed a song about ticks!  The refrain:  "I want to check you for ticks."  Hilarious!


Worst:   Some country star named Brad Paisley perfomed a song about ticks.  Downright horrifying.

Best Hair:  Cindy Lauper's bird's nest, Kanye West shaving MAMA onto the back of his head, and Amy Winehouse's bouffant.

Worst hair:  Kid Rock's grease fest persists, The Foo Fighters, Carol King (deep condition alert).

Best:  Amy Winehouse was able to perform from London ( I stayed up just to see it).  I know she's a train wreck, but the girl has serious talent.

Worst:  Randomly, Cuba Gooding Jr. introduced her.  Why? 

Best:  Fiest sang.

Worst:  So did Fergie. 

Best:  The Beatles tribute was good.

Worst:  The Barry Gordy tribute was WAY too short.

Best:  Kanye West scolded producers for bringing up the music during his acceptance speech, before he was done talking about his mother.

Worst:  When they listened and turned off the music, West then used the opportunity for self-aggrandizement. 

Best:  The White Stripes won two awards.

Worst:  I didn't see it.  Not sure when it happened.  I may have dozed off. I hate it when I miss Jack. 

March 31, 2008 at 02:28 PM
i love alicia keys..and i think she's the best!