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How Much is Too Much of a Good Thing?

I recently produced a segment for These Days featuring Vicky Newman, Director of Nutrition Services for the UCSD Cancer Prevention and Control Program , that explored the good and the bad of sugar and fat. & Our conversation touched on why our bodies need sugar and fat, and how consuming too much of either of those things can lead to health problems.

While I learned a lot about both energy nutrients, I thought the most interesting elements of the conversation didn't have to do with sugar or fat specifically, but rather our eating habits in America. & Why do so many of us choose to go through the McDonald's drive-thru instead of taking the time to make a meal from scratch? & How can sitting down to eat a family meal improve your diet? & If the French diet traditionally consists of more fatty foods than ours, why doesn't that country have the same problems with obesity? & We explored all of those questions and concepts in our " Sugar and Fat " segment.

What other food-related topics would you like to hear discussed on an upcoming These Days ? &


- Hank Crook is a Producer for These Days and the Editors Roundtable.