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SDSU Aims to Be a Leader in Helping Veterans Reach Higher Education Goals

More than 1.6 million Americans have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and San Diego State University wants to be a leader in helping our nation's veterans reach their higher education goals

SDSU Aims to Be a Leader in Helping Veterans Reach Higher Education Goals

Maureen Cavanaugh: A big recruitment tool used by the U.S. Military is offering young men and women who sign up the opportunity to go to college. For decades, the GI Bill has helped veterans achieve their dreams of higher education. This year, the "Post 9/11 GI Bill" goes into effect, enhancing the amount of money available to veterans entering college.

Despite California's education budget problems, San Diego State University is striving to be among the most active campuses in recruiting and welcoming veterans. And, because men and women from the military are not typical college freshmen, special services and support groups are also part of the veterans' SDSU experience.

For more information about SDSU's veterans programs, contact the SDSU Veterans Center at 619-594-5813.


  • Nathaniel Donnelly, SDSU assistant veterans coordinator, and a member of the SDSU Student Veterans' Organization. Nathaniel is a former marine who served in Iraq.
  • Peter Salas, president of the SDSU Student Veterans Organization . Peter served three tours of duty in Operation Enduring Freedom. And, he's an SDSU senior who's graduating in May.