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San Diego Federal Grand Jury Indicts a Fourth Man for Helping Al-Shabab

San Diego Federal Grand Jury Indicts a Fourth Man for Helping Al-Shabab
The Anaheim man was arrested at Lindbergh Field Thursday after taking a flight from Dubai.

A federal grand jury in San Diego has indicted a fourth man for providing material support to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab.

The four-count indictment accuses Anaheim resident Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud of conspiring with three San Diego men recently accused of sending money to al-Shabab.

Federal prosecutors say Taalil conspired to launder money and to kill in a foreign country. Taalil pleaded not guilty in federal court today. Law enforcement sources say Taalil was arrested at Lindbergh field Thursday after arriving from Dubai.


The indictment accuses Taalil of working with San Diego cab driver Basaaly Moalin, City Heights Imam Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud and long-time resident Issa Doreh to send money to al-Shabab.

The indictment quotes Moalin telling Taalil on the phone that money was needed for the "young men who are firing the bullets."

According to another FBI intercept, Moalin and Taalil said over the phone that they would "lay low" and proceed with the financial support under the "pretense" of helping the poor.

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