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Editing The Schiller Tape

The guy who caught NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller making disparaging remarks about Republicans, and other people he didn't like, has released the full video tape his henchmen surreptitiously made. NPR reported on this over the weekend.

James O'Keefe is a conservative activist and muck-raker who likes busting liberals. His video of Ron Schiller led to the resignation of NPR President Vivian Schiller, no relation.

The incriminating video was only 11 minutes, while the entire tape was two hours. NPR Reporter David Folkenflik watched the whole thing and he commented on the ways O'Keefe & Company edited the raw footage to make Schiller look bad.


Folkenflik said some of the editing was misleading. It made Schiller look like he was stating his opinion, in one case, when he was actually quoting someone else.

Listen to the Folkenflik interview and also watch some of the video that was edited out. NPR provides both. Whether O'Keefe's treatment of the video was just editing or bald misrepresentation will be a matter of opinion. There's little question in my mind that Schiller was saying things he believed in, whether or not he was repeating the words of someone else.