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Mama's Kitchen Has New Home

Mama's Kitchen Has New Home

On Monday Mama's Kitchen opened its new facility in Fairmont Park on Home Avenue. The non-profit has been delivering free meals to AIDS and cancer patients in San Diego County for 20 years.

On it's first day of operation at the new site, volunteers were putting food into grocery bags to deliver to about 340 people who aren't physically able to cook or prepare nutritious meals for themselves.

Nancy Janus is a retired nurse whose been volunteering at Mama's Kitchen for 12 years.


"So we're all mama's," said Janus. "That's what we do, we feed folks. Its a great organization, I get so much more than I give here."

The new facility is twice as big as the old one - 11-thousand square feet of space in a two-story building.

"The old facility, I literally was keeping it together with duct tape and paper clips," said Anne Garger, the executive chef for Mama's Kitchen.

Mama's started serving AIDS patients who were dying from malnutrition in 1990. Preparing and delivering 3 meals a day...every day of the year. The expansion now provides room for its other services. Mama's Pantry is for people who can pick up their own meals, and for the children of AIDS and cancer patients who also need a healthy taste of home cooking.