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Business Report: Stock Market Veers Into "Correction" Territory

VIDEO: Business Report: Stock Market Veers Into "Correction" Territory

Evening Edition anchor Ebone Monet and SDSU Marketing Professor and BottomLine Marketing founder Miro Copic discuss some of the week's top business stories.

This week's topics:

Short-term vacation rentals


Airbnb and HomeAway scored a win this week in San Diego. City council members rescinded the short-term vacation rental regulations it passed earlier this year. What happens now and what impact could it have on the rental market and tourism in the city?

American Cars

The annual auto survey from Consumer Reports came out this week. The question the report seeks to answer is: Who makes the most reliable cars? The answer: not the United States. Ford came in at 18th in the list, the highest for an American company. But it was not just legacy automakers that did not fare well. Tesla did poorly too, coming in at 27th.

Stock Market Down

It was another wild ride on Wall Street this week, with markets down about 300 points at the close Friday. Just in time for Halloween, investors could be spooked by U.S./China trade issues, Brexit, disappointing earnings, and inflation. Is it time to worry?