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San Diego Launches Brewery Economic Development Website

A glass of 72 and Hoppy beer from Bay City Brewing Co. sits atop a counter, July 11, 2017.
Nicholas McVicker
A glass of 72 and Hoppy beer from Bay City Brewing Co. sits atop a counter, July 11, 2017.

In honor of National Beer Day, the city of San Diego launched a "Business is Brewing" website Wednesday to provide local breweries with market information and economic development resources they can use to support and grow their businesses.

The website, created and managed by the city's Economic Development Department, is intended to promote the benefits of being a local beer manufacturer, showcase more than 100 establishments for beer enthusiasts, and educate about the programs available to keep breweries, brew pubs and tasting rooms operating throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

"San Diego remains one of the country's top five craft beer cities, and we want to make sure this important industry remains informed, supported and resilient as it continues to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Christina Bibler, director of the Economic Development Department.


"This interactive website is an innovative one-stop shop for beer manufacturers and beer enthusiasts, both locally and nationally, showcasing the spirit to brew and buy local during these challenging economic times," she said.

As of last month, the city was home to 46 breweries, 40 brew pubs and 24 tasting stores that were open or offering to-go service.

The Business is Brewing website includes an interactive map with business and market information about those 110 operations, and an economic report on the $1.2 billion San Diego regional beer cluster — which supports 6,500 jobs countywide and $848 million in revenue according to a report by the Office of Business Research and Analysis at California State University San Marcos.

The site also includes information about available economic development programs and a map tour of 23 breweries that produced award-winning beers at the Great American Beer Festival and the San Diego International Beer Festival in 2020.