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KPBS Midday Edition

Maureen Cavanaugh retires from KPBS

Maureen Cavanaugh, Midday Edition Host

KPBS Midday Edition co-host Maureen Cavanaugh is retiring after 25 years at KPBS.

Maureen hosted and co-hosted Midday Edition since the show's inception. She also hosted its predecessor, "These Days." In those roles, she interviewed the Dalai Lama, U.S. representatives, state senators, mayors, actors, authors, musicians and fellow journalists.

She was also a host and co-anchor for Morning Edition.

Before KPBS, she was a news anchor for KSDO and KOGO News Radio in San Diego and a reporter and morning show co-host for KDYL Radio in Salt Lake City.

Her last day at KPBS is Friday, June 2, and her last show was Thursday.

She had this message for listeners:

"Hi, this is Maureen. I'd like to take just a moment to tell you that this is my last Midday Edition. After 25 years at KPBS, I can hardly believe it, I'm about to retire. I have had an incredibly long run at this station, and during that time I've worked with dozens, really dozens and dozens and dozens, of talented, smart, dedicated, creative people. Too many to name and thank, but all deserve my deepest gratitude.

I also tried to count the number of interviews I've done on Midday Edition, and a conservative estimate is about 8,000. I don't know what to do with that number, except be amazed at how many questions I must have asked and how many guests I've spoken with. I remember speaking to the Dalai Lama and Robert Redford and being on stage with Yo-Yo Ma and talking with Farmworkers Union legend Dolores Huerta and so many members of Congress and mayors and politicians of all kinds, activists of all stripes. Then there are the lawyers and the doctors and the artists and the writers, as well as regular San Diegans. You and me, just trying to make a positive difference in the world. I remember that some guests cried while they talked. A lot of them laughed and some froze in front of the microphone and some shared their deepest thoughts with all of us. And they all have my thanks.

And thanks to the little band of professionals who achieve what a former colleague used to call the daily miracle of getting Midday Edition on the air. Thanks to producers Andrew Bracken, Harrison Patiño, Neiko Will, Julianna Domingo and all their many predecessors who have been relentless in finding great topics and guests. Thanks to technical directors Rebecca Chacon and Adrian Villalobos and their many predecessors for polishing the show for broadcast and making me sound like I know what I'm talking about. Host Jade Hindmon will be taking Midday Edition to its next chapter. It's been wonderful working with Jade, and we should all expect new and exciting things for this show.

But my greatest thanks is to all of you who've listened and honored me with your time and attention. I have always known that there are lots of things you could be doing in this busy world besides listening to me on the radio and the fact that you have, some of you for many years, is so deeply appreciated. So I'm getting a little misty-eyed, and that must stop because this is a celebration. It's about new ideas and next chapters and how really nice it's been to talk with you all these years. So let me say for one last time, I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. Thank you for listening."
Maureen Cavanaugh