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The Adventures of Captain Save a Hood

Four years ago, Eric Clement of Atlanta took his love for comics and the city, and spawned the series The Adventures of Captain Save a Hood and Peter Proper . & ldquo;I wanted to make people laugh, to fill a void in comics that needs more humor, & rdquo; he said.

There's only one issue in print, but Clement has plans to release 12 more episodes. The first issue features our hero aiding single moms tormented by dead-beat dads and ridding the streets of money grubbing strippers.

All this and Captain Save a Hood is a superhero with no powers?! & ldquo;He fights against any evil in the cities, and he never has success. But he tries, & rdquo; Eric explains, & ldquo;These guys have heart, and that's the most important ingredient of a superhero. & rdquo;