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Cliff Bleszinski on Gears of War 2

So yes, the chainsaw bayonet is back. & "Of course the chainsaw is back," says Cliff. & "That's our lightsaber." & One new tool in your gore creation kit is the Mulcher, which sounds a lot like the Heavy's gun from Team Fortress - "once you get it going, it turns your enemies into essentially, well, mulch." & A flamethrower, a mortar, a poison ink grenade, and all new vehicles will be there for your death-dealing pleasure.

And what exactly will you be pointing these weapons at? & Well, the locusts are back and "they've brought with them a force that can sink entire cities," says Cliff. & Locust priests will raise fallen enemies. & The locusts now occasionally ride steeds into battle. & And they're called bloodmouths, so don't expect Mr. Ed. & You'll fight "very nasty-looking helmeted reptilian creatures" with a driver that you can shoot off. & Plus, there will be many new bosses "that are tremendously large... it's going to take a lot to bring them down."'

All the old characters are back - Marcus, Dom, Baird, and Cole Train. & And Cliff announced a few more at the panel today, including a trucker named Dizzy and a mysterious, taciturn pacific islander named Ty. &


In the second part of this interview, Cliff told me the difference between a great game and a classic. & Stay tuned.