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The Univited Doesn't Scare Teen Critic

The Uninvited (Dreamworks)

By Lily Canones

The Uninvited (opening January 30 throughout San Diego), originating from the South Korean movie A Tale of Two Sisters , is about a young girl named Anna who goes through some odd experiences with her somewhat "mysterious and unsolved" past. The movie begins with Anna at a hospital and then she is released back home. She then finds out about her father's new girlfriend, Rachel. As Anna adjusts to her home, her sister Alex updates her about a few things regarding what's been going on, especially the relationship between Rachel and their father. Anna's memories of her late mother haunts her as she sees her mother's spirit back at the boathouse where she died. From the experiences that Anna goes though, Anna gathers the clues together and thinks that her mom has been trying to tell her something, a message pointing Rachel out as a "murderer." As the movie goes on, Anna finds out the truth of what truly caused the fire at the boathouse where Anna's mother passed away and what really is going on.

As a fan of horror, The Uninvited was satisfying to my taste. I do say that this movie has given more of an explanation of what was going on in A Tale of Two Sisters . Usually, from comparing original versions of horror movies to an English version, original versions are usually more horrific than the English. With The Uninvited and A Tale of Two Sisters , there really wasn't much of a difference besides some parts taken out and added from the Korean version. There were some parts I jumped at, but other than that, The Uninvited wasn't that scary. Its level of "horror" was nearly the same as A Tale of Two Sisters . This film was satisfying enough to get a little boost of horror.


--Lily Canones is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She became a Teen Critic because she wanted to share her perspective and opinions on new movies. She loves horror movies and Asian movies. Most of the horror movies she watches are originally from Asia and she counts the original Thai version of Shutter as one of her favorites of all time.