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Up, Up and Away!

An old man flies his house to South America in Up
An old man flies his house to South America in Up

Teen Critic Takes Flight with New Pixar Animation

We all know that Disney/Pixar makes some of the greatest movies of all time, so my expectations for Up (opening May 29 throughout San Diego) were very high and I have to admit this movie was amazing! This is a story of adventure, love, and friendship. The main character Carl (voiced by Edward Asner as an old man) begins the film as a young child who falls in love with adventure and a hero named Charles Muntz (voiced by Christopher Plummer). Time passes and Carl comes to marry his childhood sweet heart Ellie. They dream of adventure and of some day living on the top of Paradise Falls in South America. More time passes and the couple grow older together never being able to have children or go to South America. When Ellie passes Carl is surrounded by construction and people trying to take his house down. So he come's up with a brilliant plan to tie millions of balloons to his house and take off for South America. So his adventure begins. But while in the air he hears a knock at the door, and opens it to find the friendly wild life camper Russel (voiced by Jordan Nagai) begging to come inside. When they reach South America the adventure just keeps coming.I feel that Russell is like the son he was never able to have with Ellie. I can easily relate to Russell -- he is very determined and won't stop for anything to get what he wants.

I absolutely love Up. It is the new Wall-E -- it's inspirational, and makes you smile. When you watch this movie you can't help but think about what you would do before you die. This is the perfect movie to take your children to because it will show them that they can do anything to make there dreams come true. Pixar has done it again; they have created a movie that will teach children is a fun way. It was very hard to not smile through the whole movie, even with the few sad parts. In my life my grandparents are the best people I know and they remind me so much of Ellie and Carl. So I relate to the main character Carl even though he's decades older than me because he reminds me of my grandpa, so full of life. The boy Russell definitely reminds me of my sister -- so crazy and always asking to keep or help all these animals. I would definitely recommend this movie for young children and older people. My Dad came with me to see it and he could not stop talking about it. He thinks it is the new Wall-E.

Seeing it in 3D was very different for me and my Dad. He could never watch any movie's in 3D before and with all of the technology these days we were able to watch without getting a terrible headache. The technology now is amazing you feel like you're in the movie, which adds an extra effect. But I believe that making Pixar's movie in 3D is a promotional thing for Disney, and with or without 3D, I think many people would be able to relate to Carl when losing someone you love, or never being able to do something you always wished you had. It's a real inspiration for me to go and do things that I have always wanted to do but was too scared to try or made excuses to avoid.


Up (rated PG for some peril and action) does follow the normal animated film where you know there will be happiness, then sadness but always ending on a happy olr in this case up note.

--Kimi Allen will be graduating from Mount Miguel High School next month.