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Stories from Baghdad U.S.A.

"Stories from Baghdad U.S.A." premieres on Sunday June 28
Farnsley King Pictures
"Stories from Baghdad U.S.A." premieres on Sunday June 28

Local Film Premieres at El Cajon Library

Stories form Baghdad U.S.A.” is a new documentary from local filmmakers Kevin King and Alex Farnsley, and it will have its premiere this Sunday, June 28, at 1:30pm at the San Diego County Library El Cajon Branch. The screening is free and the documentary was shot in El Cajon. Although I was not able to preview this film, I have shown works by the filmmakers at "Film School Confidential: A Showcase of San Diego and Tijuana Filmmakers," and know that they are a talented pair.

Here's more information on the film from their press release: "Stories of the war and turmoil in Iraq continue to appear on the pages of our newspapers and on the screens of our televisions, but even after years of coverage the story of the Chaldeans, the Catholics of Iraq, is seldom told. As three generations of storytellers relate their experiences, we gain new insight into the harrowing circumstances that forced so many to flee their country. They share their struggles, successes, disappointments, and hopes for their future in America."

The film gathers a diverse group of people for its interviews. Among them are the teenage Daniel who is torn between his heritage and his desire to fit in with his American friends; Besma who fled Iraq to prevent her 11-year-old brother from being drafted into Sadaam’s army; and Tommy who's a hip-hop singer that offended the Chaldean Church with his lyrics.


"Stories from Baghdad U.S.A." film will be broadcast on the San Diego County Television Network in the fall. The 45-minute documentary was made with the cooperation of the Chaldean community of El Cajon, Chaldean-Middle Eastern Social Services, St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral, and San Diego State University.

I hope you will come out to support local filmmaking and films that expose us to the diverse voices right here in San Diego.