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Rick Steves' Mediterranean Mosaic

Rick in Rovinj, Croatia, his favorite stop between Dubrovnik and Venice.
Rick Steves
Rick in Rovinj, Croatia, his favorite stop between Dubrovnik and Venice.

Airs Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 11 a.m. on KPBS TV

Join European travel expert Rick Steves for a vivid high-destination adventure across the Mediterranean, with colorful stops in Istanbul, Greece's Peloponnese Peninsula, and — in an exciting new episode rushed to completion just for this special — Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.

In this two-hour, public television travel special, Steves will first explore the fascinating, multilayered city of Istanbul. He'll munch his way through the famously fragrant Spice Market, trace the fall of Byzantium and the rise of Islam, delve into the Hagia Sophia, and make friends over backgammon in a local teahouse.

In Greece's Peloponnese, the pulse of this country's cultural heart, Steves will enjoy the charming old port town of Nafplio, hop, skip and jump through the ruins of the Olympics, relax in the idyllic beach town of Kardymli and marvel at Greece's Rock of Gibraltar: the fortress town of Monemvasia.


Finally, in Croatia — an intriguing land with a hard-fought history in a complex corner of Europe, Steves will sample the very best of the Dalmatian Coast. He'll sail from dreamy Dubrovnik to weather-beaten Adriatic island ports and head inland to hike through Plitvace Lakes National Park and visit the Istrian Peninsula and its mini-Venice port town of Rovinj.

Stow away with public television's favorite tour guide to enjoy the exotic and idyllic charms of Turkey, Greece, and Croatia.

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Video Excerpt: Istanbul, Turkey: Hagia Sophia
Rick Steves: Dubrovnik, Croatia: Pearl of the Adriatic