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Local Event: 'Nosferatu'

The genuinely creepy Max Schreck stars in teh silent horror classic "Nosferatu"
Film Arts Guild
The genuinely creepy Max Schreck stars in teh silent horror classic "Nosferatu"

Symphony Screens Classic Horror Silent

The San Diego Symphony continues its silent film series with a screening of the 1922 F.W. Murnau horror classic "Nosferatu" (playing tonight and tomorrow at 8pm at Symphony Hall).

Billed as "A Symphony of Horror!" the San Diego Symphony will perform the original soundtrack for the silent classic, conducted by film music restoration expert Gillian Anderson. What a treat. I went to see "The General" when the Symphony presented that with organ accompaniment and it was spectacular. So I am really looking forward to seeing "Nosferatu" not only on the big screen but with live music. I couldn't ask for a better birthday present.

So forget those sparkling vampires of "Twilight" and even those sex-obsessed ones from "True Blood," and return to a classic. You won't find anything better than the original vampire movie, F. W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu.” In addition to Murnau's stunning sense of visual design and mood, this film boasts the absolute creepiest actor to ever suck blood – Max Schreck. Murnau brings his sense of German expressionism to this early horror masterpiece and creates a film that drips with eerie atmosphere.


Tickets are still available for both nights so treat yourself to a delicious night of music and horror.

Companion viewing: "Nosferatu" (with Klaus Kinski almost as creepy), "Shadow of the Vampire" (about the making of "Nosferatu"), "Dracula" (take your pick!)