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Looking For Influence Between Wavves And Best Coast

San Diegan Nathan Williams, of the band Wavves, will perform at SOMA this Friday night.
San Diegan Nathan Williams, of the band Wavves, will perform at SOMA this Friday night.

I received a comment on my recent blog post about Best Coast stating that I should really listen to Wavves if I wanted to understand Best Coast's music. Well I have. And to make the compare and contrast easier, both bands are coming to SOMA this Friday.

Wavves was originally just San Diego local Nathan Williams, creating music on his computer. The early results were noisy, lo-fi, distorted ravings. But his most recent release, "King of the Beach" has a much improved sound due to having an actual band (bass and drums) and a legit producer in Dennis Herring.

Musically, it's much more rock than pop; a lot of noisy guitar, some great falsetto whoops, a great opening cut (the title track) and amusing self-deprecating lyrics. The only real parallel to Best Coast I heard was on the song "Take on the World." The fact that Best Coast's Bethany Consentino and Williams are romantically involved just adds to the "spot the influence" game. A good album though.


As for the venue, after the last show I saw at SOMA (The White Stripes in '01, I think) I vowed never to go there again. And I haven't. Just take the money, herd 'em in and herd 'em out. No concern for sound, sightlines or the pacing of the show.

I guess they figure since their one of the few all-ages venues in town they don't have to care. It's hard to imagine the San Diego Symphony or the San Diego Opera treating their PAYING CUSTOMERS in such a manner. But since my daughter Carrie wants to go, I'm going. I hope things have improved.