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Everyday Edisons: So Many Shoes, So Little... Storage

Inventor Holly Tucker presenting her shoe skirt invention to the panel of "Everyday Edisons" judges.
Photo © 2010 Edison Nation Holdings, LLC Patent Pending
Inventor Holly Tucker presenting her shoe skirt invention to the panel of "Everyday Edisons" judges.

Airs Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 11 a.m. on KPBS TV

"Everyday Edisons" follows 10 inventors — selected from thousands of hopefuls — as their original ideas evolve from sketches on a napkin into retail products stocked on store shelves. The reality series affords viewers a firsthand look at the complex product-development process through the eyes of an expert team of industrial designers and engineers, advertising and branding pros, web designers and salespeople.


Inspired to discover the "Everyday Edison" in you? Use these resources to find a local inventor group in your area and get involved!


"Everyday Edisons" travels the country for exclusive interviews with leaders from the United States Patent & Trademark Office; high-level executives from Amazon, Dyson and more; and even the inventor of Twister or editors from mainstream national media.

Holly Tucker never met a stranger… even as she’s trekked the globe as a travel agent. Holly is one of season three’s most effervescent inventors. She brings her enthusiasm and winning smile to the casting call and wows our judges with her shoe skirt, a unique concept in “out of the way and out of the box” shoe storage.

After our industrial design team reviews her idea and expands on the concept, it’s off to test the product for Direct Response Television (DRTV). Will the shoe skirt twirl with audiences?

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Trailer: Everyday Edisons, Season Three
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