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Rants and Raves: Cat Ears at Comic-Con

Testing Cat Ears.
Testing Cat Ears.

Technology To Read Brainwaves Used To Make Cosplay Accessory

I got a press release about a product called Necomimi, which are essentially Cat Ears you wear and react to your mood. They are on sale at Comic-Con at booth 305.

Here's the press release:

The leading biosensor company NeuroSky will be launching their latest product, Necomimi, at Comic-Con San Diego in booth #305. Necomimi is a headband with brainwave measuring cat ears that move according to the user’s moods. Powered by NeuroSky's ThinkGear technology, Necomimi gives people a chance to express their moods in real time.

Necomimi first became popular within the anime and costume communities in Japan because of a viral Youtube video by Neurowear, a fashion electronics company. Since then, audiences have been eagerly awaiting the US launch.

Necomimi is great for parties, tailgating at sporting events, bachelorette parties, cosplay, and can be used anytime to entertain friends and family. The product will be available for $99.95 beginning Thursday, July 12th through select authorized resellers, retail partners and on
Here's the test my friend Ramie and I did. It freaked him out a bit and we all wondered if this amazing technology might also be put to better use. Wonder if they work on zombies? No brainwaves left so...
Necomimi Cat Ears, Booth #305