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For Elvis' 78th Birthday Take A Ride Through Mexico


Today would have been The King’s 78th birthday. In honor of the man, jump on his handlebars and take a stroll through 1960s Acapulco.


The song “Mexico” was created for his 13th film, “Fun In Acapulco.” The musical was released right as Beatlemania was taking over America, challenging the King's reign. American audiences who watched in neighborhood theaters may have been looking for an exotic distraction from the grim reality at home: JFK was assassinated just five days before the film’s release.


Sure, his Spanish pronunciation may be awful. The lyrical content is a little offensive. And, fine, he never stepped foot in Mexico for the filming of his movie. (He stayed in Hollywood, sending his stunt double to ride a bike through the city streets and dive off La Perla).

But he’s The King, and today is his birthday.

The preview to "Fun in Acapulco," Elvis' 13th theatrical release.

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