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Joy Bauer's From Junk Food To Joy Food


Airs Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 2 p.m. on KPBS TV

Joy Bauer's From Junk Food To Joy Food: Preview

Learn the secret to enjoying all your favorite foods while still losing weight, alleviating arthritis pain, boosting energy, enhancing heart health, normalizing blood pressure, flattening tummies, minimizing wrinkles and more in "Joy Bauer's From Junk Food To Joy Food."

Joy Bauer is one of the nation’s leading health authorities. As the nutrition and health expert for NBC’s TODAY show, Joy shares reliable, practical, and straightforward advice that helps millions of Americans eat better and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

She also hosts the program’s popular “Joy Fit Club” series, which celebrates determined people who have lost more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise alone.

Joy debuted her PBS special, "Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies," and launched her own food line, Nourish Snacks, an online service which delivers a wide variety of healthy, wholesome snacks to your home or office.

As a monthly columnist for Woman’s Day magazine and the creator of, Joy continues to be a leader in developing and delivering fresh, cutting edge health content to millions. Visit Joy's website for healthy recipes, food articles and food cures.

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Joy Bauer is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Follow @joybauer on Twitter.

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