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The Brain Revolution

Ashleigh Banfield, host of "The Brain Revolution."
Courtesy of HLN
Ashleigh Banfield, host of "The Brain Revolution."

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Explore Neuroplasticity, The Untapped Power To Improve Our Lives As We Age


Today’s 50-year-old will likely live into their mid-80s, and if they do, there’s a more than even probability that their brain will decline in function before they die. Aging brains have increased difficulty remembering, paying close attention, responding rapidly, and performing complex tasks. Coordination and movement and many other cognitive functions that once came easily begin to slip away.

These symptoms of fundamental physical changes are more than just mere lapses in memory. But there’s hope. Groundbreaking scientific research into neuroplasticity is revealing how to combat this dire prognosis.

“The Brain Revolution” explores the foundational principles of neuroplasticity — how the brain can change throughout one’s lifespan — to show viewers how to take control of their lives as they age. With this information, anyone can use the most powerful part of their body to improve their lives.

Hosted by Ashleigh Banfield, “The Brain Revolution,” from the producers of “The Brain Fitness Program” and “Brain Secrets” provides the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow plan for maximizing and protecting the brain for a lifetime.

The Brain Revolution: Preview

With the latest scientific research and illuminating stories about neuroplasticity, “The Brain Revolution” shows how our brain works and how we can make it work for us. Each act builds upon the previous one, culminating in a step-by-step guide toward driving our own Brain Fitness revolution.

Firsthand examples of people with transformational experiences and interviews with the scientists and experts who helped make it all possible offer engaging insights into this life-changing program.

Interviews with pioneering researchers behind The Brain Fitness Program include Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Arthur Toga, Dr. Richard Frackowiak, Dr. Jerri Edwards and Dr. Shannon Moffett. 3D animated graphics and dramatic re-enactments help illustrate the power of brain fitness for all.

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