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Border & Immigration

Law Enforcement Says No To Enforcing Immigration Laws, Again

San Diego law enforcement officials reiterate they will not participate in a controversial federal program that trains local authorities to find and deport illegal immigrants.

Eleven more law enforcement agencies across the country have signed onto the program called "287-G", 56 have renewed their contracts, Six have decided to opt out of the program.

San Diego law enforcement officials say they've never been interested and still aren't.

Sheriff Bill Gore said he doesn't have the manpower.

Assistant San Diego Police Chief David Ramirez said he doesn't want to people to feel scared to report crimes or be a witness because of their immigration status.

The program has been controversial since its inception under the Bush Administration.

The Obama Administration revised the program last summer to increase oversight and make sure police target immigrants who commit serious crimes.

Critics said federal officials should end the program because it has increased racial profiling and led to civil rights violations.