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Region's Poets Convene In Tijuana

The esplanade at the Centro Cultural Tijuana, or CECUT.
Ruxandra Guidi
The esplanade at the Centro Cultural Tijuana, or CECUT.
Region’s Poets Convene In Tijuana
The fourth annual festival in Tijuana brings together Mexican and America poets.

On Thursday morning, Aurelio Meza crossed from Tijuana into San Diego to pick up two poets from California and take them back across the border.

The city's poetry festival, PoeTi-Sa Fest, begins Thursday afternoon. It began as an event for local poets three years ago, but has expanded to include San Diego poets as well, Meza said.

"There were many writers and artists from Tijuana that have started working and studying in places in San Diego, and that seemed like an opportunity to bring some other voices," he said.


Tijuana features a vibrant and growing literary scene.

Meza said the festival will also feature the work of at least one Tijuana poet who's primarily published in the U.S., but who is generally unknown in Mexico.

The festival will include readings, panels and workshops. It runs through Friday at the CECUT, Tijuana's cultural center.