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San Diegans Return to Victory Gardens

San Diegans Return to Victory Gardens
ricans celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this week, more and more San Diegans are turning their green thumbs to the garden. We'll talk about easy and sustainable ways to get an edible garden started and the benefits to you, your family and the earth from growing your own food.

Maureen Cavanaugh: What does President Barack Obama do in his spare time? Well, according to his wife, Michelle, he will be spending some of that time helping to weed the brand new vegetable garden on the White House lawn.

The idea of using land that used to be covered in grass or patchy shrubbery and turning it into food-producing gardens, is becoming increasingly popular. Most observers say it's because of the recession. People want or need to save money on their food bills. Others say it's more than that and point to an increasing awareness of the benefits of locally-grown, organic fruits and vegetables.

No matter what the reason, the question is, how realistic is this idea for most urban and suburban residents? How much land to you need, what kind of skills, and is it time to buy some overalls?


* Nan Sterman, garden journalist and author of "California Gardener's Guide Volume II." She is also co-editor of the home and garden page for the San Diego News Network.

* Mindy Swanson, garden guide and coordinator for Victory Gardens San Diego, a collaborative group that assists in the establishment of home, community and school edible gardens.