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Last Chance For Foie Gras

Last Chance For Foie Gras
Some say it’s cruel. Others say it’s delicious. But either way foie gras will not be sold in San Diego eateries after July 1st.

California's foie gras ban, signed almost eight years ago goes into effect next month and San Diego diners are getting their fill while they can.

Hanis Cavin is the owner and chef at Carnitas Snack Shack in North Park. His menu changes daily, but he serves foie gras about once a week.

And he sells out of it every time he does.


“We open at noon, and I’ll usually be sold out by eight o’clock at night", he said.

Opponents of Foie Gras say the delicacy is cruel because ducks are fed more than they would normally eat on their own, enriching the liver and the resultant pate. And they’ve been staging protests at area restaurants that serve the dish.

Cavin, who uses meat that comes from farms that boast humanely raised beef, and cage-free chickens, says foie gras production is not cruel.

"The ducks run around, you know, they’re probably happier than most animals being raised for food. And that’s what makes a lot of it so tough for chefs, is that, they’re making it like we’re buying something inhumanely treated and it’s truly not the case.”

So far, California is the only state the ban foie gras.