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Report: City's Expectations Going Into Bridge Shelter Program Were Off The Mark

Aug. 7
By Brooke Ruth, Maureen Cavanaugh

The report, by an independent consultant, was presented to the San Diego City Council, acting as the San Diego Housing Authority, on July 31.

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Friday Business Report: Unemployment Rate Drops

Aug. 4
By Bennett Lacy

KPBS anchor Maya Trabulsi and SDSU marketing lecturer Miro Copic discuss some of the week’s top business stories.

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Roundtable: The Consequences Of Climate Change

Aug. 3
By Bennett Lacy, Mark Sauer

California Governor Jerry Brown says recent wildfires are an effect of climate change, presidential politics enters the race for the 50th congressional district, and the Padres struggle to build a winning team.

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State Supreme Court Rules Against San Diego Pension Reform

Aug. 2
By Andrew Bowen, City News Service

The state Supreme Court Thursday ruled against a San Diego citizens' initiative that cut back city employee pensions in favor of 401(k)-style retirement plans, and ordered an appeal court to consider a remedy for millions in lost compensation related to the initiative.

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Trump’s Aluminum Tariffs Are Raising Costs To Make Beer For Some San Diego Breweries

Aug. 1
By Matt Hoffman

Mike Hess Brewing in North Park said it will lose $44,000 annually after increased prices for aluminum beer cans.

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San Diego City Council Bans Section 8 Discrimination

Aug. 1
By Andrew Bowen, Tom Fudge

The City Council passed a law that makes it illegal for landlords to reject tenant applicants only because their rent is subsidized.

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San Diego City Council To Hold Second Reading On Short-term Rental Regulations

Aug. 1
By City News Service

The San Diego City Council will hold a second and final reading for new short-term rental regulations during a special meeting Wednesday.

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San Diego Business Transparency Measure To Go On November Ballot

Aug. 1
By Brad Racino / inewsource

The City Council voted unanimously Monday to put an amendment before voters on Section 225 of the City Charter – a vaguely worded and long-ignored transparency law requiring anyone doing business with the city to disclose their identities.

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Do Housing Costs Deserve Some Of The Blame For California’s Plummeting Fertility Rate?

July 30
By Amita Sharma

The state’s birth rate has dropped to near-record lows, about 1.76 children per woman.

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Friday Business Report: US Economy Surges

July 27
By Bennett Lacy, Ebone Monet

Evening Edition anchor Ebone Monet and SDSU marketing lecturer Miro Copic discuss some of the week’s top business stories.