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New Effort to Streamline Teacher Dismissal In California

The fight to streamline the process school districts follow to fire teachers stretches back several years. But Democratic Sen. Lou Correa is hoping his new proposed legislation will finally resolve the dispute that has pitted California teachers against school administrators.

Correa’s bill is similar to one Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed last year, but makes several changes. For example, under the new bill, teachers would have to pay their own attorney’s fees, regardless of whether they are dismissed. Correa says he’s not discouraged so many other efforts have failed.

“As a legislator this is a matter within the purview of the California Senate. And we are going to bring this bill forward, address it and bring it through the legislative committee so that all folks can look at it and make a decision.”


The bill is backed by the California School Boards Association. The California Teachers Association says it is still reviewing the bill and does not yet taken a position.