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UC San Diego Releases Admissions Stats

Students gather at the Price Center located in the center of the UCSD campus.
Alex Hanson
Students gather at the Price Center located in the center of the UCSD campus.

UC San Diego announced Thursday that it has offered admission to 30,207 freshman and 9,595 transfer students for this fall's quarter.

By the time students make their final choices, university officials expect to enroll around 5,400 freshmen and 2,400 transfers.

"We are pleased to welcome these talented new scholars," Chancellor Pradeep Khosla said. "We are committed to providing them with a world-class education and unique opportunities that will help them blaze their own trails and positively impact our world, just as our legendary alumni members are already doing."


According to UCSD, the campus has seen a 14.5 percent increase in California freshman admits over the past two years, as well as 21.5 percent more in-state transfer admits.

The school said the average grade-point average among the freshmen is 4.14, while the transfers boast a 3.56 GPA.

Just over 38 percent of the freshmen hail from Southern California, as do about half of the transfers, 90 percent of whom come from the state's community colleges.

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The University of California system announced that more than 106,000 incoming freshmen and just about 24,700 transfer students were offered a spot for this fall at one of the nine undergraduate campuses. Of those, 70,000 would-be freshmen and 21,000 transfer students are from California, according to UC.