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Mouse In Escondido Tests Positive For Hantavirus

A wild deer mouse trapped in north Escondido during routine monitoring tested positive for the potentially deadly hantavirus, San Diego County vector control officials announced today.

According to the county Department of Environmental Health, it is not easy for humans to contract hantavirus but if an infection does happen, it causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which is fatal 36 percent of the time.

Department Director Jack Miller said infected mice, which are discovered every so often, are rarely a danger in the wild.


"But hantavirus can be a danger if infected rodents get indoors and people come into contact with their droppings,'' Miller said. "People should never sweep up or vacuum rodent droppings or nesting materials when they find them, but use bleach solutions and sponges or mops to carefully clean up instead.''

The county's website has detailed instructions online.