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San Diego County Reduces Water Use By 15 Percent In November

A water faucet is shown on the Rancho Del Sol farm near Jamul, May 8, 2015.
Richard Klein
A water faucet is shown on the Rancho Del Sol farm near Jamul, May 8, 2015.

Water customers in the region cut back on use 15 percent last month, compared to the same period in 2013, the San Diego County Water Authority reported Thursday.

That's below the target of a 20 percent reduction set by state water officials for San Diego County.

Since the start of state-mandated emergency water savings in June, regional water consumption has declined by 24 percent compared to two year's ago, the state's baseline period.

"Irrigation typically declines during the late fall and winter months, and that makes it more challenging to achieve year-over-year reductions," said Dana Friehauf, water resources manager for the Water Authority. "People just don't water their yards as much, so there's less discretionary water use to cut."

Friehauf urged residents and businesses to keep looking for ways to save water indoors and outdoors in coming months.

"Thousands of seemingly small actions add up over time, and they will help the San Diego region continue to do its part," Friehauf said.

The Water Authority, which distributes imported and locally collected water to 24 member agencies in San Diego County, suggests turning off lawn sprinklers, particularly with rain possible Friday. Customers can also take shorter showers, fixing leaks immediately and run washing machines only with full loads of laundry.