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Strong Winds, Light Showers Predicted For San Diego County

Cloudy skies over the Golden Hill neighborhood on Oct. 24, 2020.
KPBS Staff
Cloudy skies over the Golden Hill neighborhood on Oct. 24, 2020.

Another partly cloudy and cool day in San Diego County was predicted ahead of an approaching Pacific trough with strong and gusty westerly winds over the mountains and deserts through Sunday night, the National Weather Service said.

Scattered showers were forecast to break out Sunday night and continue into Tuesday.

"Precipitation will be light overall, with the greatest amounts along the coastal slopes of the mountains," the NWS said. "Some light snow accumulations are possible above 6,000 feet as well."


High temperatures along the coast Sunday were expected to be 63-68 degrees with overnight lows of 50-55 and a chance of rain, forecasters said. Highs in the valleys will be 64-69 with overnight lows of 43-52 and a chance of rain.

Mountain highs were expected to be 58-67 with overnight lows of 33-42 and a 40% chance of rain. Desert highs will be 82-87 with 45 mph wind gusts in the afternoon and overnight lows of 56-66 and wind gusts up to 50 mph.

An upper level trough that was bringing light rain to northern California on Sunday morning was expected to move down the coast in the afternoon, the NWS said. It was forecast to bring gusty winds to the mountains and deserts through Sunday evening, when a wind advisory will be in effect through 11 p.m.

The northwesterly storm trajectory favors the San Diego County coastal and valley areas getting more precipitation than those areas to the north, forecasters said.

Cold showers were predicted to follow the passage of the trough Monday night and Tuesday, with best chances Tuesday afternoon.


Snow levels could fall to 5,500 feet and 1-2 inches of snow could accumulate above 6,000 feet, the NWS said.

Warming was expected to begin Wednesday as a ridge builds over the state, forecasters said. It was predicted to be very warm Thursday and Friday, then cooler through the weekend as the ridge weakens.