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Screening: 'I Am Not A Hipster'

Film About San Diego Music Scene Screens At The Ken

I Am Not A Hipster Screening

"I Am Not A Hipster," set against the San Diego indie music scene, premiered last January at Sundance. Tonight at 7:00pm it screens at Landmark's Ken Cinema with filmmakers Destin Cretton and Ron Najor on hand for a Q&A and after party at the Ken Club.

Writer-director Destin Cretton says, "The film takes place entirely in San Diego and the cool thing is it's a movie about the art community in San Diego and it's made by the art community in San Diego."

The film was made by SDSU film school graduates Destin Cretton and Ron Najor.


"We were really excited to take this little movie that was just shot right here in San Diego up to Sundance and premiere it in the snow," says Cretton, "And now we're really excited to bring it back to San Diego for a final San Diego screening before we release the movie into the world."

And that meant distributing the film themselves and booking it into one theater at a time.

"There's a lot of mom and pop theaters all over the country that love playing independent films," says producer Ron Najor, "and also with the digital age coming about there's so many platforms now for independent films like iTunes, Amazon, there's just so many things happening that's both old and new and it's just like juggling the two and figuring out what is the best overall thing for us and I think for Hipster we got it into 10 theaters nationally, we're going to be on 7 digital platforms, we're going to be on cable VOD in like 50 million homes all on like January 15."

For more information, visit "I Am Not A Hipster."