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Congresswoman Hosts Health Care Forum

Democratic representative Susan Davis will host a public forum in Spring Valley this afternoon and health care will be up for discussion.

Members of Susan Davis's staff say they'd normally expect about 15 people to show up for a "Neighborhood Day" meeting in Spring Valley. But for this one they're expecting thousands. Davis's press secretary said several organized groups, on both sides of the health care debate, have encouraged their members to attend. Public forums on health care during this congressional recess have occasionally turned into shouting matches. But Davis said she has a good feeling about this one.

"We're just looking forward to an energized crowd," she said. "That's great. I mean we worry more about apathy in this country and so I think we have people's attention. They're interested."

Congress reconvenes on September 8, when lawmakers will try to come to an agreement on health care reform. Susan Davis's Neighborhood Day meeting takes place at a gymnasium next door to the Spring Valley Library.

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