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Prop 29 Losing By Razor-Thin Margin

Prop 29 Losing By Razor-Thin Margin
More than two weeks after Election Day, Proposition 29 remains too close to call.

The fate of California's tobacco tax initiative, Proposition 29, remains unclear more than two weeks after the election. The measure is still losing, but by an increasingly small margin.

The latest vote count shows the measure is losing by less than 13,000 votes out of nearly five million cast. The margin has been steadily shrinking since Election night.

Shannan Velayas, spokeswoman for the California Secretary of State, said there is no automatic recount law in California.

"So even if the election results are within one vote of each other, the voter would still need to request a recount with each county elections official," Velayas explained.

The proponents of Proposition 29 would have to pay for cost of a recount, which would differ in each county. Supporters have until July 8th to make a request.

Meanwhile, more than 250,000 votes have yet to be counted statewide.